The Homeschooling Parent as a Performer: Taught by Ivaana who homeschooled her son all the way to being accepted to MIT at the of 15

What is to be a homeschooling parent who engages in an evolving role play with their children so they may stay rooted like the tree in the face of a storm and adapt to the various possibilities of life and learning with purpose and enthusiasm? What is it to have an experimental approach towards educating your child at home, keeping his distractions at bay by opening up expansive possibilities for self-expression and creative learning? What is it to produce novel ways of introducing old materials and fabricating new ones that have room for different innovative interpretations? What is it to share knowledge in an open-ended fashion layering and coloring materials in a manner, so they are constantly looking for ways to improvise and are responsive to everything that is unfamiliar yet transformative?

Personally, I have homeschooled my son till he got accepted to MIT at the age of 15 through various layers of motion, resistance, continuous redirections and adaptability to changing patterns of academic and extracurricular trends and reinventions. We all are performers in life-continually seeking our identity through our daily actions, emotions and expressions. When we amplify our collaborative settings to include our children, this becomes a magnified ensemble by way of our aesthetic exchanges. We tune our dialogical and co-creative performance interactions by way of our kinetic awareness, auditory information exchanges, gestures, blended reactions and so on which in turn leads to an ongoing action which is both harmonious and discordant at times and thereby highly stimulating.

Our approach at Cambridge Creation Lab, is based on creating new thinking by designing and exploring all possible principles underlying the transformation of sensory messages. Your ability to perform as a homeschooling parent will be based on a stimulation of your own ideas and an exploration of the powerful and latent capacities of your children to stay deeply connected with education in the most inspiring way possible.

Our mission is to help parents recognize various patterns of learning in their children and to supervise, re-invent, reconstruct realistic models of learning skills as we deeply look into research on cognitive psychology, neuroscience and trace the evolution of learning theories to study learning from several perspectives. Learning to realize the world around us happens while acting in this world, and is not understood well is key to figuring out how to prepare ourselves to homeschool our children or even help a homeschool community at large.

We are here also to determine and build on resources that parents can use along with effective teaching supports by identifying the mindset or aptitudes that students bring to a learning situation, coupled with the academic background and pre-instructional beliefs of the parents themselves.

Parents can also expect

  • Understanding the value of remote education
  • Course and syllabus statements
  • Guidelines for teaching and learning activities
  • Realistic expectations, learning outcomes and methods to help students excel in alignment with their true potentials.
  • Cognitive resources to successfully motivate students and reinforcing persistence by making their goals enjoyable and exciting.
  • Teaching the value and acceptance of diversity in the interpretation of the curricula and real-world demonstrations and activities.
  • Helping their children learn the critical skill of self-assessment wherein they reflect on the quality of their work and learn through revision and self-regulation, how to improve their work.
  • Body awareness, feelings, relationships with siblings, friends and parents and larger family contexts.
  • Coping with COVID and post COVID stress, activities, self-awareness, social distancing and activities.
  • How to listen to their children.
  • Special needs literacy.
  • Orchestration of the arts and sciences and early introduction to independent research-oriented study approach.
  • Recommendation of related material beyond classroom syllabus.
  • Progressively approaching college entrance requirements in a fun, creative and inspiring way.
  • Focusing on projects that help them create scientific, artistic or interdisciplinary stories using digital technologies
  • The fine art of creation and re-creation and understanding the dialectical interplay between academics and imagination to share and collaborate, reflect and analyze.