A Square and a Half-The Colors are Sounding-
A Tribute, By Ivaana
First launched privately at the MIT Museum on October 12th, 2018
Ivaana’s interview by architect and scholar Meral Ekincioglu:


An experimental exploration of the never-ending transfusions of science, technology and art using diverse narrative, musical and visual techniques, quilted so to speak, adventurously and honestly. The project consists of twenty songs or sung lyrical narratives (combining diverse styles) and a journal which brings together narrativefragments, song lyrics and images that reveal feelings, emotions, memories and associations that is transmitted through a multiplicityof voices. I have attempted to sift through a new visual languagedriven towards expressing the starkness of the inner world of human consciousness in relation to scientific thought and information. During such a process I have endeavored to reconstruct personalmemories, experiences and imagination to synthesize lyrical abstraction originating from scientific research or ideas. In order to spill the unhindered truths of the mind I have tried out new structures both musically and narratively in an effort to reveal the layers of open configurations of references, connotations, parallels of thoughts and reactivations of the literary mind. Such an assemblage has involved disintegration or transfusion of ideas or moments but the dislocations have all the time been meaning to seek connectivity,thus at times creating varying textures and tensions or even silent zones left open to interpretation.

With the aid of musical and narrative journaling, I have found myself connected with the deepest imageriesof the soul, inside out. I have discovered intuitive tools in theprocess that have helped me integrate (like never before), logicalthoughts with the most intimate feelings, dreams and experiences. Ihave finally opened the pathway of my soul to share what I have felt,heard, seen, touched and smelled-to heal, feel transformed and empowered.


What some distinguished friends had to say:

Mary Sherman: (artist, curator and founding director of Transcultural Exchange)
“Ivaana-the book and CD's are an amazing piece of art. I am very touched and transformed. The sound works are also amazing. Thank you for such an amazing, amazing gift. Really to say, I am touched is an incredible understatement.”

Vassiliki Rapti: (Co-founder and co-chair of the Ludics Seminar at the Mahindra Humanities center at Harvard University and affiliated faculty at the department of writing, literature and publishing at Emerson College.)
“Dear Ivaana, thank you for making me part of your incredible artistic and participatory journey. Walking alongside awakened me and opened my horizons. Always thinking out of the box, you envisioned the future ahead of time. A true artistic, holistic mind! Your friends are amazing as yourself and it was a great pleasure meeting them all. You created a niche with silk threads among us all and tonight's audience. Keep weaving your cosmic narratives of the human soul! Searching for the maternal “dot” you discovered a multitude of texts and textures, while soldering your friendships. Congratulations!”

Christopher Janney: (American composer, artist and a pioneer in sound art and interactive architecture who for more than three decades has been creating numerous permanent interactive sound/light installations and performances around the world. He received an MS in Environmental Art at MIT and his thesis under the legendary Oto Piene was titled Soundstair.)
”I have read her fascinating book “A Square and a Half-The Colors are Sounding and talked at length with her. I find her artistic journey most interesting. From her poetry, prose, to her music she is a seeker of new experiences, new possibilities, new worlds. I look forward to further discussions and hearing of her explorations”.

Martin L. Demaine is an artist and mathematician, the Angelika and Barton Weller artist in residence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
“Ivaana-The book is a wonderful stream. A moving river of awareness.”